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Dependent on the nursery you visit, our rooms are split into three or four age groups.

Babies and Tinies Room (Under 2's)

In this room the children are on a 1:3 ratio with a member of staff.  In our baby room you will find a calm, soothing atmosphere where lots of one to one attention will be given to your baby by our very experienced and specially chosen staff.

Your baby will have a calm, cosy atmosphere, with a wide range of equipment to encourage your baby’s stimulation and development.  We encourage outdoor play daily in our secure outdoor play area, separate from the older children, specifically for children aged 0 – 2 years.

Your baby will receive the highest quality care and attention to their individual needs.  Consultation and agreement will be sought at each stage of your child’s development.  Individual diary logs with details of your baby’s day will be provided for you each day using our online system EYLog, to keep you informed of your child’s progress, enjoyment, eating and sleeping routines.

Parents/grandparents and official carers are always welcome to spend time at the nursery and are encouraged to do so in our induction period during the first week of starting at the nursery.

Our Tinies room is all about exploration.  We are focused on examination by the senses; touch, feel, sight, hearing and taste.  We aim to encourage growth of inquisition and imagination.  A fantastic and enjoyable age of inquisitive learners.  We encourage outdoor play on a daily basis in our secure outdoor play area, separate from the older children, specifically for children aged 0 – 2 years.

During this time, your child will not only grow in stature but will also have a growth of independence.  At times it seems difficult to separate the two, but we at St. Bede’s Childcare aim to encourage this growth in independence whilst providing an environment that is always safe.

It is important to allow your child to develop naturally, as an individual.  We focus on this by providing a wide range of activities and toys for your child to explore, allowing them to learn new skills when they are ready to do so.  We are here to support and encourage the children when they are tired or simply not in the mood.

Our very experienced and qualified staff play a vital role in getting to know your child’s character.  Through detailed observation they allow our individuals to experience first-hand activities and experiences aimed to develop your child physically, emotionally and intellectually.

Toddler Room (2-3 years)

We have specially selected equipment to provide your child with as many varying experiences as possible.  As your children progress this room is about discovery, of one’s self and surroundings.

By the time that your child is ready to move into the Pre-School room, they will no longer be a Toddler, but a confident young individual who is striving to establish and demonstrate their independence.  We relish this opportunity to provide your child with a wealth of first hand experiences to feed this need.

Toddlers are encouraged to discover their surroundings and take part in a wide range of experiences enhancing their language, creative, physical and mathematical development.  Underpinning all of this is our focus on your child’s emotional security and welfare.

We will always respond to your child’s changeable behaviour with love, patience and understanding.  And fear not, we will be there to help you through the potty training stages.

Each of your child’s needs will be catered for using our in depth knowledge and planning system along with careful observation.  We value the input of our parents and carers and emphasise this in our parental partnerships.

Throughout your child’s time at nursery you will receive an opportunity to see your child’s learning journey file, again online every three months and will be encouraged to set achievable targets surrounding their development and learning with your child’s key person.

Pre-School Room

Our pre-school rooms are about imagination and developing the capacity of the mind.  At this age, your child will begin to act out real life and the fulfilment of their desires, in play form.  Making decisions and choices independently that enhances their early learning.

At nursery we aim to nurture happy, confident children.  With this thought constantly in our minds, we embark on the next stage of helping your child towards their full potential.

When your child is ready, they will eagerly grasp the activities provided in this age range.  We will be focusing on first hand experiences within the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework which we use to ensure your children receive the best possible starts along the journey towards the Early Learning Goals.  Each individual child will receive specifically tailored activities to suit them based on their needs and interests, and every achievement, no matter how small it may seem, will be greeted with praise and joy from the staff, not to mention the parents/carers.  This again will be celebrated using their transition record for school.

At St. Bede’s we offer a unique opportunity for this age range.  We hope that our nursery will ensure that starting school full time is just another step on their learning ladder rather than a major leap.

Within the Pre-School Room, our main purpose is to ensure that our little learners become school ready for their next journey into Reception.  We will focus on key independence skills, for example, dressing and undressing, using the toilet independently and using a knife and fork.  We will do this in a play based way that supports the Early Years Foundation Stage.  When the time comes for your child to begin their transition time to school, we will invite the class teachers in to nursery to see your child and meet their key person to allow them to get a holistic view on their likes and abilities and see them in their comfortable space.