Welcome To St Bede Childcare

Welcome To St Bede Childcare

St Bede Childcare recognised the need for parents to have access to high quality extended childcare and met these needs by opening its own OOSC in 1999 and an onsite nursery during 2003.

We share our wealth of expertise and experiences with other partners and in 2015 now run 5 Private Day Nurseries and 6 OOSCs.

We have achieved continued growth and a high quality service hand in hand with financial success.

We became a fully registered charity and have now built up the expertise both in terms of business and childcare to look at further expansion. We propose to acquire another nursery business within the surrounding area of Bolton/Leigh. Strategically location is very important as purchasing a nursery within this area allows us to utilize many economies of scale including purchase of food, and more importantly using a pool of childcare staff.

All our venues are either rated “good” or “outstanding” by Ofsted.

“Children need firm foundations on which to build and the necessary conditions in which to blossom and flower.”

Our Aims

To provide the experiences and opportunities to encourage and support happy, healthy and inquisitive children to reach their full potential in a caring and stimulating quality environment. We aim to provide Nursery Day Care and an Out of School Care facility that will enrich the children's and parents' lives, and eventually will be able to assist the local community in developing improved parenting skills, by offering outreach facilities and establishing community groups in the future.

The facilities we offer will encourage parents to re-enter the world of work feeling reassured and comfortable that their children are being cared for by experienced practitioners in a secure and stable environment.

We also aim to recruit from the local community, to train and develop the staff further and expand their knowledge with a continuing staff development program.


Our objective is that the School and its Extended Service Provision will become an innovative quality centre for childcare as well as educational development. With the Government’s emphasis on Extended School Provision, we have, with support and partnership from Bolton and Wigan, achieved part of the vision by opening a number of Day Care facilities. The success of these settings is reflected by maximum capacity and waiting lists at each.