‘Thank you for making Charlie’s time at nursery such a pleasure. He has never been short of fun or cuddles and with your help has grown into a happy and confident little boy.’

‘I would like to say big thanks for looking after Abbie. You all do a fantastic job and your hard work is much appreciated.’

‘Thank you for helping to look after Matthew, he has really loved being at nursery and he will miss you all very much.’

‘Thank you to all the staff for helping Abigale develop in to a happy and confident little girl.’

‘Thank you so much for everything! you have all been fab in the past few years laila has been to the nursery, thank you so much you will all be missed.’

‘Thank you very much for the care you have shown and given to Charlie while he has been at with you. We will miss you!’

‘Thank you all so much for helping look after me and teaching me lots of new things. I will miss you all so much but remember I am only next door so anytime you want a cuddle just come and get me, I would like that very much.’