Can I come and view the nursery?

Yes, we have an open door policy at each nursery and you are more than welcome to come and view the nursery at a time that is suitable for you and your child.

What time does the nursery open?

The nursery opens at 7.30am and closes at 6pm. For our insurance purposes it is important children are dropped off and collected within these times.

Is the nursery open on Bank Holidays?

No, the nursery does not open on bank holidays

What do I need to bring with my child?

We ask that all children bring a small rucksack like bag to nursery with them containing a full change of clothes and nappies and wipes if applicable. These may be needed when your child takes part in the many messy activities we like to offer.

What are the qualifications of your team?

We have a wide range of qualifications from NVQ Level 2 through to Honours Degrees in all of our settings. We also use trainee nursery apprentices in all settings as we feel that these are the best people to keep within our organisation as we can train and educate them to our standards. Many of our senior staff including our Managers were Apprentices within the organisation many years ago.

What if I am not happy about something?

If you have any cause for concern about the care you receive for your child then please speak to the Room Leader in your child’s base room. If you feel this has not met your expectation or you wish to speak to someone higher then please speak to the Nursery Manager as soon as possible.

Do you provide formula milk?

We do not provide formula milk for babies as there are many different brands on the market and we would always endeavour to ensure your child stays within their feeding routine to ensure they are settled.

How do I book a place for my child?

If you would like to book a place please contact the nursery and they will ensure that all the correct paperwork is filled out along with details of your child’s start date. A week’s fees as a deposit secures your child’s place and this will be refunded at the end of your child’s journey with us.

Do you accept all methods of payment for fees?

We accept all payments including tax free childcare, childcare vouchers and cash. We do however prefer to keep minimal amounts of cash on site and therefore encourage payment via bank transfer or standing order.

When do I need to pay my fees?

At the beginning of the month you will receive an invoice which will detail your childcare costs for the month from the 1st to the 31st of the month. This amount should then be cleared in full no later than the 15th of the month.

What if my child has a food allergy?

That is no problem at all, we would invite you in to see the nursery manager or the nursery cook to ensure we have all the information regarding your child’s allergy. We may require a medical note to confirm the allergy from your GP to ensure all information is clear. We will then ensure all of your child’s meals are prepared at little risk and served on a red plate to alert staff to the allergy.



Within the Pre School Room, our main purpose is to ensure that our little learners become school ready for their next journey into Reception. We will focus on key independence skills, for example, dressing and undressing, using the toilet independently and using a knife and fork. We will do this in a play based way that supports the Early Years Foundation Stage. When the time comes for your child to begin their transition time to school, we will invite the class teachers in to nursery to see your child and meet their key person to allow them to get a holistic view on their likes and abilities and see them in their comfortable space.